Red-haired beauty Emma and her bearded fella Nick

Finally… I’m back with my first wedding of 2017! And it was a goodie. The beautiful red-haired Emma and the her bearded fella Nick chose the Glassboat in Bristol as their venue for both the ceremony and the celebrations that followed. It was a dry, crisp day, and as Emma opted out of bridal prep, I met Nick (already dressed and kilted up) at midday as he was collecting the cakes from the amazing St Nicholas Market. Shortly after, we headed to the venue, The Glassboat which had a great relaxed vibe. Emma wowed in her white lace dress as she walked down the aisle with her father, who gave her away. It was a short but lovely ceremony, and the exchange of the handmade rose gold rings that Emma and Nick made for one another added a special something that touched the heart of Nick’s sweet grandmother.

“Everyone spoke very highly of how kind and fun you were. You really added to us having an amazing time. ”


After the ceremony, and some delicious canapes, we headed outside for a handful of group and romantic shots. Back inside, everyone sat down in a very cosy seating arrangement for a meal of their own choice which was chosen from the menu on the day itself. During this time, I popped back across to St Nick’s market for a rather good falafel!

Not long after, the evening guests started to arrive and Nick and his boys ditched the waistcoats for their ‘battle jackets’. Emma also had her own jacket which was a fantastic contrast against her delicate wedding dress! Once everyone had settled, in the speeches began, given by Nick’s brother, Emma’s brother and Emma’s dad. Emma’s brother really got the crowd laughing as he stripped off to reveal the fairy costume that Emma used to make him wear as a kid. Following the speeches, it was time for the ‘hacking’ of the marbled chocolate cake and the party began which carried on into the early hours!

Thank you for being so wonderful at our wedding



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